Innovative Product Line

Paradigm Spine is committed to delivering only best-in-class products that help improve the quality of life of patients with spinal diseases. The company currently offers several commercially available products to spine specialists around the world. 

Interlaminar Technology
The 1st and only scientifically proven non-fusion, minimally invasive treatment for moderate to severe spinal stenosis.
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Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion
A minimally invasive method for posterior fixation of the lumbar spine as an adjunct to fusion.
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Posterior MIS Fusion System
An interlaminar stabilization device that provides significant segmental stability and allows for posterior fixation as an adjunct to fusion post decompression.
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Dynamic Stabilization System
A complete systematic approach to lumbar stabilization consisting of polyaxial, cannulated pedicle screws; dynamic couplers; and rigid couplers.
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Hybrid Performance System
Results in less stress on adjacent segments and a reduced risk of developing adjacent segment disease.
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Dynamic Cervical Implant
The DCI™ implant provides stable, controlled motion, allowing the spine to be functionally dynamic.
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OptiStrain™ C
Anterior Cervical Cage
The OptiStrain™ C cage combines the osteogenic attributes of titanium with a load transferring design.
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