OptiStrain™ C - Anterior Cervical Cage

The OptiStrain™ C cage combines the osteogenic attributes of titanium with a load transferring design.

OptiStrain™ C - Optimized Strain

The OptiStrain™ C cage (Strain: medical unit of measurement for the elastic deflection of bone under loads) follows well established biomechanical principles: The slot design of the implant allows for reduced stress shielding and therefore enables load transfer through the device. Cyclic loading of bone stimulates bone growth in accordance to Wolff´s Law and thus supports the fusion process mechanically.

Micro Motion for Optimized Bony Fusion

The graph above illustrates:

  • Because of the stiffness of the material, titanium cages do not allow for any deflection and are very likely to cause stress shielding and subsidence
  • PEEK cages are less stiff than titanium cages, but only allow for a slight deflection under load
  • Only the OptiStrain™ C cage allows for an optimized load deflection. Micro-motion supports mechanical load transfer to the bone and the filling material of the cage
  • Unlike the DCI™, the OptiStrain™ C cage does not preserve motion, but allows micro-motion to achieve a faster bony fusion


Product Features

Optimized Load Transfer

  • Reduced stress shielding
  • Micro-motion through slot design
  • Cyclic loading of bone
  • Large central fenestration can be filled with bone graft or bone substitutes 


Reduced Risk of Subsidence

  • Optimized stiffness of the implant
  • Endplate protection through soft stop technology
  • Maximized contact surface for optimal load distribution


Biocompatible Titanium Alloy

  • Angiogenic and osteogenic characteristics support osseointegration
  • Roughened titanium surface provides excellent primary and secondary stability


Additional Product Features

  • Enhanced primary stability through teeth on implant surface
  • 9 anatomical sizes
  • Color coded instruments and implants


For more information, please review the materials for download below:

OptiStrain™ C Product Brochure

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*Patent pending in the U.S. and worldwide.