DSS® Dynamic Stabilization System

Customized Stabilization for Specific Pathologies 

The DSS® Dynamic Stabilization System* is a complete systematic approach to lumbar stabilization. The System is made up of a “fusion” coupler and a “dynamic” coupler, also known as “connectors,” that are placed between the pedicle screws. The DSS® dynamic coupler increases the segmental stiffness of the affected motion segment and restricts the range of motion in flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotation while preserving motion. By selecting the appropriate size DSS® dynamic coupler, the posterior segmental height can be adjusted. The rigid coupler provides rigid segmental fixation thereby promoting fusion.
The modularity of the DSS® Stabilization System allows the combination of DSS® dynamic couplers with DSS® fusion couplers at adjacent levels. Therefore, one segment may have functionally dynamic stabilization (non-fusion) while an adjacent segment has rigid segmental fixation (fusion).

DSS® Features

Pain Relief
  • Controlled dynamic stabilization of hypermobile segment(s)
  • Restoration of the natural center of rotation
  • Shock absorption; axial compression
  • Control of rotation and stress reduction on facet joints
Hybrid Solutions
  • Modularity of system allows combination of fusion and dynamic stabilization
  • Adjacent levels are effectively protected 
Ease of Use
  • Cannulated screws support minimally invasive application
  • Paraspinal muscle-splitting technique minimizes iatrogenic trauma
  • Easy-to-use instrumentation

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For more information on this technology, please review the DSS® Brochure: DSS® Brochure English.pdf

For Customer Service inquiries, contact service@paradigmspine.de

The DSS® Stabilization System is not approved for non-fusion in the U.S.

*Patent applied for DSS® system.