DCI™ Dynamic Cervical Implant

Adjacent Segment Protection 

The DCI™ implant* provides stable, controlled motion, allowing the spine to be functionally dynamic. After insertion, the implant works as a shock absorber to effectively prevent accelerated degeneration in the segments above and below.


DCI™ Features

Anatomical Design
  • Excellent endplate accommodation for primary stability
  • Atraumatic anchorage to avoid heterotopic ossification
  • Teeth located anteriorly for secure anchorage
  • Three implant heights for appropriate height restoration
  • Four different footprints for proper endplate coverage
Single-Piece Implant
  • Excellent fatigue strength
  • No wear debris
  • Titanium alloy
Functionally Dynamic
  • Physiological center of rotation
  • Controlled rotational stability
Axial Compliance
  • Shock absorption capabilities
  • Compressible in flexion
Ease of Use
  • Standard surgical technique
  • Easy instrumentation
  • Implant insertion under compression (reduced height)
  • Depth stop for trial implants and insertion instrument

DCI™ Videos


For more information, please review the materials for download below:

DCI™ Brochure - DCI™ Product Brochure english.pdf

DCI™ Patient Information - DCI™ Patient Information English.pdf

For Customer Service inquiries, contact service@paradigmspine.de

*Patent pending in the U.S. and worldwide.