coflex-F+™ Posterior MIS Fusion System

The coflex-F+™ implant is an interlaminar stabilization device that can be delivered through a small skin incision. It provides significant segmental stability and allows for posterior fixation as an adjunct to fusion post decompression.

The implantation technique is safe and easy. Complications encountered with conventional pedicle screw systems can be avoided.

The coflex-F+™ implant - when less is more!

coflex-F+™ Features

Reduced Iatrogenic Trauma
  • Less muscle trauma
  • Less blood loss
  • Smaller skin incision
Reduced Surgical Risks
  • Excellent safety profile of implant
  • Protection of neural structures
  • Reduced radiation exposure for surgeon, OR-staff and patient
Reduced Cost
  • Shorter operating time
  • Faster patient rehabilitation
Ease of Use
  • Simple surgical technique
  • Five anatomical sizes
  • Color coded instrumentation

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coflex-F+™ Product Brochure

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*US Patent 5, 645, 599. Also Patented in other Foreign Countries. Additional Patents Pending in the U.S. and worldwide.